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This Shows Us Sweeten The Summer

Many TV shows are in the summer break. However, a series of doldrums, there is not nevertheless, this Shows the potential for addiction.

In the summer months, series fans often do not know what you should be watching: Many Shows start in the fall with new episodes. Also "Game of Thrones" already has the sixth-climax and Wake up in 2017 back to the screens. Fortunately, the Streaming services and the German TV channels for remedy with your busy summer program. This shows us sweeten the hot months:
01. July
The July starts. On Netflix can Fans of the fast-talking "Gilmore Girls" now all the seven seasons and, therefore, on the four new movies, the end of the year, the Streaming service will be released in the mood. The same time, Netflix sends out the second season of its original series "Marco Polo" into the race. And provides the eight episodes of the British crime series "Marcella" and the first season of the Australian drama series "The Code".
But it's not just Netflix the series, the heart to 01. July skip a beat. To Amazon Prime the exclusive first 13 episodes of "Heroes Reborn". Tim Kring, who also produced the original series "Heroes", presents an exciting successor. The new episodes show the adventures of old and new heroes that take up the epic struggle between Good and Evil. Who is not a Streaming client, but does not have to wait long: On RTL II, the Mystery series is celebrating on Friday, 08. July, at 20.15 at the German Free-TV Premiere.
12./13. July
12. July determine, greed, and intrigue to continue the daily work in the consulting firm, Kaan & Associates. ZDFneo (22.30) emits twelve new episodes of the fourth season of the American series "House of Lies" with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell as a Free-TV Premiere. In season three of "Mistresses" to burn again the fire of lust, and fraud. On RTL Passion, the new season runs from 13. July at 20.15 as Germany premiere. With, among others, Yunjin Kim ("Lost"), Rochelle Aytes ("Drive"), Jason George ("Grey's Anatomy") and Jennifer Esposito ("L. A. Crash").
15. July
Horror Fans come from 15. July with "Stranger Things". In the Netflix series Winona Ryder plays the main role: in 1983, disappears in Indiana all of a sudden a little Boy. When you try to solve the mystery, to be revealed mysterious and supernatural mysteries... On Amazon Prime Lucifer" of his life as the Prince of darkness is bored", gives up his throne and moved to Los Angeles, where he runs a night club. As a well-Known murdered in front of his eyes, uses Lucifer (Tom Ellis) forces, to policewoman Chloe Decker (Lauren German) to help in the search for the real killer.
26./27. July
In the case of FOX, it is from 26. July, with the fourth season of "Nashville" musical. The Country series with Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere also get a fifth season, although after the Cliffhanger Finale, surprisingly, has been deposed. A new home was quickly found. On the Sky-TV channels TNT Murder in the First "go" at the 27. July in the third round. Terry English (Taye Diggs, "Private Practice") and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson, "Beverly Hills, 90210") are in San Francisco as the Detectives on the way to murders and solving crimes.
03./09. August
On RTL Nitro are from 03. August (at 22:50) the monkeys! Based on the Science-Fiction cult film "12 Monkeys" by Terry Gilliam from the year 1995 with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt has now developed the eponymous series. In the year 2015, a global epidemic that destroyed seven billion people. Among the few Survivors are genetically immune to the virus there is a permanent struggle for the scarce resources. Time skip: In the year 2043, a team of scientists discovered in a remote system, a new, working time machine. In order for the researchers to transport the prisoner James Cole (Aaron Stanford, "X-Men 2") in the time before the Apocalypse to find the cause of the disaster and to wipe out...
Meanwhile, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) returns to the Free TV. ZDFneo radiates from 09. August (00.00) 14 new episodes of the seventh and final season of "Mad Men". The drama of everyday life in the fictional advertising Agency in 1960s New York. However, the talented and mysterious creative Director has to fight with some problems...
12. August
Series-summer music: On 12. August released Netflix, the first six episodes of the original series "The Get Down". For music Fans, especially Hip-Hop lovers, is a Must. Director Baz Luhrmann ("Australia"), brings the young, wild Hip-Hop scene in New York in the ' 70s to life. Hip-Hop legends such as portraits to be Grandmaster Flash. In one of the main Jaden Smith, the son of Hollywood roles-the Star Wants to see Smith. Cult-Potential, definitely!

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