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3 Eylül 2016 Cumartesi

Surprise! Actress Hayden Panettiere has a little brother and does his big sister now

The acting Talent runs in the family: In-house Panettiere slips not just "Nashville"actress in other roles, her brother, Jansen played in some TV series, and mother Lesley was also an actress.

Success had only Hayden

Worldwide fame has been able to gain only their oldest daughter Hayden: at the tender age of one year, the Small stand in front of the camera and movies turned. The older she got the more roles were the beautiful blonde offers. In the meantime, you can have a long list of Successes.

Her brother Jansen emulating her

Now her little brother Jansen nachf eggs that could previously only play minor supporting roles, and in the shadow of his famous sister-in-law would like her.
The 21-Year-old also wants to high - and his chances are not bad. The brown curly Jansen has signed a contract with the "AKA Talent Agency", one of the best management agencies in Hollywood.

The breakthrough comes now?

If he starts now, in the film factory? To wish would be it to the young actor. A look at his Instagramprofile shows: Jansen is a fun-loving, likable and handsome young man. At first glance, Hayden and he look nothing alike: unlike his blond sister, he has a brown head of curls.

The two links seem to have a close sibling love: on The "day of the brothers and sisters," the on 10. April is celebrated in the United States actually"," she posted he is a sweet children's photo with Hayden.

Sibling love

"We love to hate them, but we can't imagine to live without them. You know our Strengths and weaknesses and are usually our best friends."

Hayden Panettiere is sure to be mighty proud of your little brother and him in his attempts in Hollywood foothold with advice and act to the side. With 21 years of age, also all the doors are open to him, even if it doesn't work at the first attempt, the second. We would be happy to see even more of the latest Panettiere.


Many TV shows are in the summer break. However, a series of doldrums, there is not nevertheless, this Shows the potential for addiction.

In the summer months, series fans often do not know what you should be watching: Many Shows start in the fall with new episodes. Also "Game of Thrones" already has the sixth-climax and Wake up in 2017 back to the screens. Fortunately, the Streaming services and the German TV channels for remedy with your busy summer program. This shows us sweeten the hot months:
01. July
The July starts. On Netflix can Fans of the fast-talking "Gilmore Girls" now all the seven seasons and, therefore, on the four new movies, the end of the year, the Streaming service will be released in the mood. The same time, Netflix sends out the second season of its original series "Marco Polo" into the race. And provides the eight episodes of the British crime series "Marcella" and the first season of the Australian drama series "The Code".
But it's not just Netflix the series, the heart to 01. July skip a beat. To Amazon Prime the exclusive first 13 episodes of "Heroes Reborn". Tim Kring, who also produced the original series "Heroes", presents an exciting successor. The new episodes show the adventures of old and new heroes that take up the epic struggle between Good and Evil. Who is not a Streaming client, but does not have to wait long: On RTL II, the Mystery series is celebrating on Friday, 08. July, at 20.15 at the German Free-TV Premiere.
12./13. July
12. July determine, greed, and intrigue to continue the daily work in the consulting firm, Kaan & Associates. ZDFneo (22.30) emits twelve new episodes of the fourth season of the American series "House of Lies" with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell as a Free-TV Premiere. In season three of "Mistresses" to burn again the fire of lust, and fraud. On RTL Passion, the new season runs from 13. July at 20.15 as Germany premiere. With, among others, Yunjin Kim ("Lost"), Rochelle Aytes ("Drive"), Jason George ("Grey's Anatomy") and Jennifer Esposito ("L. A. Crash").
15. July
Horror Fans come from 15. July with "Stranger Things". In the Netflix series Winona Ryder plays the main role: in 1983, disappears in Indiana all of a sudden a little Boy. When you try to solve the mystery, to be revealed mysterious and supernatural mysteries... On Amazon Prime Lucifer" of his life as the Prince of darkness is bored", gives up his throne and moved to Los Angeles, where he runs a night club. As a well-Known murdered in front of his eyes, uses Lucifer (Tom Ellis) forces, to policewoman Chloe Decker (Lauren German) to help in the search for the real killer.
26./27. July
In the case of FOX, it is from 26. July, with the fourth season of "Nashville" musical. The Country series with Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere also get a fifth season, although after the Cliffhanger Finale, surprisingly, has been deposed. A new home was quickly found. On the Sky-TV channels TNT Murder in the First "go" at the 27. July in the third round. Terry English (Taye Diggs, "Private Practice") and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson, "Beverly Hills, 90210") are in San Francisco as the Detectives on the way to murders and solving crimes.
03./09. August
On RTL Nitro are from 03. August (at 22:50) the monkeys! Based on the Science-Fiction cult film "12 Monkeys" by Terry Gilliam from the year 1995 with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt has now developed the eponymous series. In the year 2015, a global epidemic that destroyed seven billion people. Among the few Survivors are genetically immune to the virus there is a permanent struggle for the scarce resources. Time skip: In the year 2043, a team of scientists discovered in a remote system, a new, working time machine. In order for the researchers to transport the prisoner James Cole (Aaron Stanford, "X-Men 2") in the time before the Apocalypse to find the cause of the disaster and to wipe out...
Meanwhile, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) returns to the Free TV. ZDFneo radiates from 09. August (00.00) 14 new episodes of the seventh and final season of "Mad Men". The drama of everyday life in the fictional advertising Agency in 1960s New York. However, the talented and mysterious creative Director has to fight with some problems...
12. August
Series-summer music: On 12. August released Netflix, the first six episodes of the original series "The Get Down". For music Fans, especially Hip-Hop lovers, is a Must. Director Baz Luhrmann ("Australia"), brings the young, wild Hip-Hop scene in New York in the ' 70s to life. Hip-Hop legends such as portraits to be Grandmaster Flash. In one of the main Jaden Smith, the son of Hollywood roles-the Star Wants to see Smith. Cult-Potential, definitely!

Oh My God!

In the coming year, the second season of the Netflix series "Stranger Things". Now Details of the new roles were known.

The Netflix Mystery series, "Stranger Things" gets in the second season of growth. Like "TVLine" reported, have announced roles in the producers, the twin-brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, the introduction of three new main and one of them is even female. "Max" is, therefore, a "tough" and "self-conscious" girls between the ages of 12 and 14, whose appearance and Behavior is more reminiscent of the of a boy than of a girl.
A further figure will be Max's older brother, Billy, who is described as "very muscular and super self-conscious type." Particularly mysterious seems to be "novel", a gender-neutral figure of around 30 years, it has suffered at a young age a severe loss and revenge. The second season of "Stranger Things", which plays in the fall of 1984, will appear in 2017.

Beauty Tip: Taylor SwiftSun stylish accessories that are a must, especially in the summer in any handbag glasses. But: Not every pair of glasses shape every one, and not every model suits your type. Thus, the fashionable " It " Piece is perfectly tailored to your Look, you should note when selecting a couple of things. GALA tells you which are the...

There goes the sun: What are the sunglasses is the Right one?

The first rays of sun come out and it happens, what will happen: All of the dig out your sunglasses out of the bag and just waiting for the summer finally begins. However, every season the same questions: are announced Which models, and which sunglasses suit me? We have the answers to all your questions.

Which model for whom?

The bad news first: On the question of all questions, there is unfortunately no clear answer. Because whether it's a pair of sunglasses that suits you, not only depends on your face shape but also your clothing style and color types. These are the three things you should consider when buying always, hence nothing can go wrong.

You Determine Your Face Shape

Anne Hathaway advertises for sunglassesDepending on the shape of your face, the different frames are different is advantageous. There are round, square, oval, heart-shaped and trapezium-shaped faces. Which of your Form is, you will find out the fastest, by you in front of a mirror, place the hair back and your face. The visible contours of your face determine the shape of the head.

Sunglasses for every shape

heart-shaped face is made for of Retro sunglasses, such as rectangular models, or Cat-Eye variations. Best to choose a model that is pointed in the direction of the outer corners a little. The laminated a distinctive chin.
An angular face with striking cheekbones and a strong chin is perfectly set by a round or a pair of Aviator sunglasses in the scene. Models in oversized Look to fit perfectly. Less flattering for this shape of the head too many Details and embellishments on the temples.

Oh my! Must musician Jennifer Lopez now fear for their reputation? Your Ex seeks, apparently, to revenge

Poor Jennifer Lopez! The 47-year-old musician ("Play"), it is currently really easy.

Jennifer Lopez, Ojani Noa, seeks revenge

With Ojani Noa, 42, was J. Lo married in 1997 and 1998, and the Cubans made Negative headlines when he threatened the pop star to release a sex tape. However, not only compromising private video, a tell-all book should scratch the Image of the singer and the cash from her Ex-husband neat ring. Noah's business partner Ed Meyer of the American, "In Touch told" at least, that the recordings "will be a shock to their Fans". Anyway, there are a lot of Intimate, what he wanted to share with the Public. There's a lot of room for speculation - hiding J. Lo something Bad, of course, remains?

Renewed Trouble for J. Lo: her Ex grabs

Until now, the lawyers of the Superstars were able to prevent such publications, however, informed Ojani Noa is now in the TV against the artist. In a preview of the American Reality television series "Millionaire Matchmaker", in which you accompanied the everyday work of a owner of a Dating service in Beverly Hills, Ojani Noa. "She was my first love and it was my first wedding," said Noa to the Agency boss, Patti Stanger of his famous Ex.

Jennifer Lopez: career before love

Even otherwise, the Lopez-Ex represents himself as a victim. "I was looking forward to be together for the Rest of my life with her. This is not happening. You made the decision to choose your Job instead of me." After the divorce, did your career actually steep uphill their separation "destroyed" Noa according to Reports. "My heart was really broken. I was very hurt, it all hurt me very much."
For Jennifer Lopez, we hope that the injured Pride and Ojani Noah's broken heart, that he will actually publish their darkest secrets and spicy Videos.

the classy factory Look, plaid coat, plaid scarf, karietes T-Shirt
Is plaid in this Look for almost everything. The diamonds can be combined patterns of all of the prima. Why I feel this way? In my opinion, it plays a big role, what are the characteristics of the plaid parts. They are colorful, different patterns or wild, may look like the combination of plaid patterns ruck zuck a lot more to the Clown than to the casual Look - and who wants that, except the Clown of course :)...

Plaid coat with plaid blouse

and a plaid scarf Outfit

the stainless factory, Look, how to combine plaid pattern

Tip 1: pay attention to the colors of different patterns

The checkered coat in grey, Black and White is, despite its really eye-catching plaid pattern, very subtle. The plaid pattern is large, but the color scheme is absolutely inconspicuous. The checkered pattern is clearly visible in the overall Look of the plaid coat looks rather grey.

He tolerates the colorful, checkered scarf in any case. Based on the checkered scarves, in addition to a lot of Red and a little Yellow in the pattern, also in Black, grey and White. Checkered Harmony :). The third Element, the plaid Shirt, the white blouse and the plaid T -. This is mainly bright, but with checkered eye-catching red, loop, Print on the chest. Color harmonizes great.

the classy factory Look, 3 tips how you combined plaid pattern correctly
the classy factory Look, small bag with Animal Print

Tip 2. A small! Pattern break provides voltage

If pattern is correct :). And a bit of animal print hasn't ever hurt any Look. The small shoulder bag as a pattern break had to be easy. Also in this Look I did with the Patterns played, as is the case with the diamonds was the color harmony of the key.

the classy factory Look, black biker pants, faux leather

Tip 3. Concern for a calm Pole in the Look

A calm Pole in the clash of patterns is important. On my legs that happened, in contrast to "Topless" for almost nothing. A simple, black biker pants, and black Platform Boots for the necessary rest in the Look. There must be a pattern limit :). My point is, I think, pretty widely :D, but my shoes or my pants would be patterned now, that would be the track too much.

the stainless factory, Look, long knit vest
In addition to the plaid coat, plaid scarf, plaid T-Shirt plus the biker pants and the platform boots I've integrated a simple, light gray sweater vest to the Outfit. This had very practical reasons. It should be me hot in the plaid coat, I wanted to still have to keep something long underneath the layered look. Only T-Shirt and pants had me like because of my hips, so good.

the classy factory Look, Armcandy

When it comes to jewellery, I'm just in the Fundus, and very different materials are combined - the Togetherness and the harmony of the colors.

the stainless factory Look that rings in Detail
I think this Look can be seen quite well, also eye-catching patterns combine. You have to mix just right. Too many different colors, for my taste, out of place here. In this Look, the colors to play but the balls and the Whole thing is a round. Another example of a plaid pattern mix Outfit can be found here.

the classy factory Look, 3 tips kidney as I plaid right combination
Info: coat: Primark / biker pants, platform Boots, long knit vest: H&M / Shirt: Zara / jewelry: Fundus

A wild pattern mix was something in it for you, or let her kind of prefer the Finger?

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, lips products
Especially in the case of the lip products from the essence range has an update to offer for autumn / Winter 2016, a lot. I'm on pins an absolute Fan of matte lips and Lipcreams. It's a bit as if the essence of the known, and the range update has made the autumn Winter 2016 in this area is particularly strong, we watch so carefully...

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, matt matt matt lipstick

essence matte matte matte lipstick

I must start with my favorites from the essence range update autumn Winter 2016. The essence matte matte matte lipsticks. The are sooooo beautiful! A mini flood of images, you're not saved, sorry!

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, matt matt matt lipstick, review
The Texture, the colors - I don't know exactly where to start with my ultimate adulation. Of nudigen shades from classic Red to dark berry tones, everything is at the essence matte matte matte lipsticks, and the desires of hearts, my Matt.

The formulation of the essence matte matte matte lipsticks is though, but length is not so hard, as with many other matte lipsticks. Advantage: they dry out my lips much. Only in the darkest variant, a lip scrub would be appropriate for me, because otherwise my dry Lips to be very stressed.

essence writes: matt matters! the light, creamy texture of this new lipstick range combines a matte finish with a high color output.

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, matt matt matt lipstick, swatch
Look at the colors of the essence matte matte matte Lipsticks, or dream? You already notice, I'm in love with this Range. My Fav's are no. 08 and no. 02... I am also on the no 06 total. The job is ok, you have to take a bit of time. The shelf life of Lippi's is super! Info: essence matte matte matte lipstick is available in eight shades: 01 natural kiss 02-perfect match 03 wow effect (missing in the picture), 04 pink up your life 05 red-y or not?, 06 kiss me if you can, 07 purple power, 08 it's a statement / SRP: 2,29 EUR

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, matt matt matt lip gloss, review

essence matt matt matt gloss

For all that is not into lipstick, but rather lip glosses, there are now the essence matte matte matte lip gloss. Where I refer to the Finish rather than semimatt, because quite as matte as a matte lipstick, the Texture is not drying. For me, this is not relevant, because on the lips of the essence matte matte matte lipglosses bring a beautiful, uniform result. The durability is also in this Range, good, the the matte matte matte lipsticks is a bit better.

essence writes: meet matt! the creamy mousse-like texture of the new lip gloss series leaves long, deck-lasting color and a velvety matte result.

Since I already have wrinkles, or other lips, I need to use the essence matt matt matt lipglossen definitely a lip liner. The tendency to leak is not big, but noticeable. It is the essence matte matte matte lipglosses in five colors.

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, matt matt matt lip gloss, swatch
Here, too, the decision is hard for me - all very nice, or? At the Moment I like 02 Beauty Approved and 03 Girl of today very much. Info: essence matt matt matt gloss / 5 shades: 01 la vie est belle, 02 beauty approved!, 03 girl of today, 04 ready, set, impress!, 05 simply be an icon / SRP: 2,29 EUR

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, 2in1 matte lipstick and liner review

essence 2in1 matte lipstick & liner

More Mat stuff :) the essence 2in1 matte lipstick & liner close, to the essence 2-in-1 lipstick & liner. Same Style, same Packaging, only in matt. The product can be used both to Outline the lips, fill with a color. The two-in-one principle, in my opinion, with the mats version of the essence 2-in-1 lipstick & liner better than with the Shinies.

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, 2in1 matte lipstick and liner, swatch

Nevertheless, the old Problem remains of the essence 2-in-1 lipstick & liner series: Is the lipstick longer in use, the Liner function is difficult. Also here again: good durability and beautiful Texture.

essence writes: Matt duet! lipstick and lipliner in one, now with a matte finish! for defined lip contours and deep, rich color.

The nuances of the essence 2in1 matte lipstick & liner are not, as with the other new Lippi's classic but super extraordinary. Info: essence 2in1 matte lipstick & liner / available in five shades: 01 beauty statement, 02 make some noise!, 03 hit the dancefloor, 04 showstopper, 05 more is more / SRP: 2,49 Euro

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, longlasting lipstick, review

essence longlasting lipstick

In the case of the well-known and many beloved essence longlasting lipsticks there are four color updates. In the case of the fourth color my sticker, Chen is missing :) but it's the Nuance "27 Mystic Violet" :). The essence long lasting lipsticks are somehow, classic or? In my makeup, the grayling which are to be found for years.

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, longlasting lipstick, swatch

essence writes: long-lasting love. in the long-lasting lipsticks by essence must you can fall in love easily. the lipsticks take lips several hours intense colour without drying out the skin. the light, creamy formula that feels super pleasant on the lips.

Again, I have no favorite Color, although I think Poppy Pink very awesome :). Info: essence long lasting lipstick / color-update with four shades: 25 poppy pink, 26 all-time favorite, 27 mystic violet, 28 time for a toffee break? / SRP: 2,29

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, sheer and shine lipstick, review

essence sheer & shine lipstick

Away from mattback to the essence sheer & shine lipsticks. The latest color update includes three new shades. The sheer & shine lipsticks, I'm always a little divided. On the one hand, I love the sounds and like the caring formulation, to ensure the durability suffers significantly, and the dark colors tend to leak.

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, sheer and shine lipstick, swatch
essence writes: your lips-darling! the very soft formulation of the sheer & shine lipsticks feels pleasantly light on the lips and gives them lovely subtle colour with great Shine. with the wanna-have shades of nude, brown and pink. the translucent cap corresponds to the lipstick color and makes the handle to the favorite shade yet easier. sheer, shine, and so stylish.

The packaging is as always great - both for the essence sheer & shine, as well as the essence matte matte matte lipsticks. I like it when the packaging gives a hint to the color. This avoids some of the missing handles on the shelf :). Info: essence sheer & shine Lipstick / color update in three shades: 14 candy to go, 15 brick is chic!, 16 berry / SRP: 1,99 Euro put

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, balmy kiss moisturizing lip care review

essence balmy kiss moisturizing lip care

New and totally cute :) otherwise I can not say it. The essence balmy kiss moisturizing lip care Balms feel actually super caring. The lips are pleasantly soft. Bonus is the color output, which is similar to the hyped Babylips, is really good. Just the right balance between visible but not too hard. For make-up beginners also top!

essence writes: kiss and care everywhere! the delicate lipbalm gives with verwöhnendem almond oil, soft lip and a touch of color

essence, range update autumn Winter 2016 balmy kiss moisturizing lip care, swatch
With a delicious smell you catch me, known, always, and also as the essence balmy kiss moisturizing lip care can pins with me points. Nice fruity, berry-like, and also, a bit earlier than you could even not use lipstick, because it was too young :D and then more to care pens dodged. Info: essence balmy kiss moisturizing lip care in four shades: 01 it's spa time!, 02 beauty on-the-go, 03 can't live without (not in picture) 04 treat me right / MSRP: EUR 1,29

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016 color and care lipstick, review

essence color & care lipstick

"Wow, beautiful", I thought, when I saw the new essence color & care lipsticks. The look great, right? In addition, you connect, through your avocado butter share care with color. And when I write color, I mean color. For a balm the Color pay off is exceptionally strong. I think that's basically fine. But there is a weak spot: What happens when nourishing, creamy formulations on color? Yes, you run. This is especially in the dark shades of essence color & care lipsticks is a Problem.

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016 color and care lipstick, swatch

Also, the use of liners does not help really, because the Texture is just too soft. Yet, somehow, I will always return to this Lippis. They taste delicious... and make the lips so nice and glossy - only if I look then, after some time, look in the mirror,' as if I would be five and I would have ate a fat strawberry ice cream :).

essence writes: are for! intensive color and care combined this new lipstick. the texture with the avocado butter leaves behind a creamy finish in shades such as apricot, rose wood, or berry. available in stylo-form.

The Stylo-Form the essence color & care lipsticks I like also very and the shutter clicks properly (important for handbag and so on :D) Info: essence color & care lipstick / eight shades: 01 don t be shy 02 made my day (not in the picture), 03 life’s my runway, 04 lookin‘ good, 05 queen of everything 06 girls club, 07 rock your lips, 08 stand up for plum! / SRP: 2,49 Euro

essence, range update for autumn / Winter 2016, smoothener, peeling, liner, review

essence make me pretty lip softener,

essence smoothing lip scrub

essence longlasting lipliner

So, now you have nearly made it. I would like are still the essence of make me pretty lip softener, the essence smoothing lip scrub and the color update in the essence longlasting liplinern

essence writes to the make me pretty lip softener: smoothness! nourishing avocado butter makes the lip softener to a Spa-cure for the lips, nourishes it intensively and makes it supple.
essence writes to the smoothing lip scrub: feeling soft! the peeling shed, enriched with argan oil removes rough skin, nourishes the lips and makes them soft.
essence writes to the longlasting lipliner: perfectly defined lips! with the longlasting lipliner succeed in a precise lip contour tracing. the super soft texture allows easy application, gives intense, long-lasting color and ensures that the lipstick will expire color. the retractable NIB makes the pen virtually – the ideal beauty tool for on-the-go.
My conclusion to these three products have, and then made her the essence lip products-Marathon for this season. The essence make me pretty lip softener is a solid lip care product for the handbag. Whether you like the type of packaging that is up to you. I'm actually on tins and jars to stay, but mostly on the classic pen-and hang on, because it is easy to clean. Info: essence make me pretty lip softener / SRP: 1,99 Euro

The essence smoothing lip scrub, I find awesome!! So small and inconspicuous, and so great in the application. Otherwise, as in the case of other Lippeeling products, the grain is hardly noticeable, does the effect my lips are but not detract from - the ready-to-use for any dark lip color. Thumbs up! Info: essence smoothing lip scrub / 01 kissing me softly / SRP: 1,99 Euro

The essence longlasting lipliner with the color update 11 be a game-changer is already integrated in my Routine. I use more often than the average dark berry tones, and the new Liner shade is perfect. Info: essence long lasting lip liner / color-update: 11 be a game-changer / RRP: 1.49 Euro

So girls, now, but in the end I'm done :)
You have favorites among the new Lippi's - you may well be matt-addict like me?