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Surprise! Actress Hayden Panettiere has a Little Brother

Surprise! Actress Hayden Panettiere has a little brother and does his big sister now

The acting Talent runs in the family: In-house Panettiere slips not just "Nashville"actress in other roles, her brother, Jansen played in some TV series, and mother Lesley was also an actress.

Success had only Hayden

Worldwide fame has been able to gain only their oldest daughter Hayden: at the tender age of one year, the Small stand in front of the camera and movies turned. The older she got the more roles were the beautiful blonde offers. In the meantime, you can have a long list of Successes.

Her brother Jansen emulating her

Now her little brother Jansen nachf eggs that could previously only play minor supporting roles, and in the shadow of his famous sister-in-law would like her.
The 21-Year-old also wants to high - and his chances are not bad. The brown curly Jansen has signed a contract with the "AKA Talent Agency", one of the best management agencies in Hollywood.

The breakthrough comes now?

If he starts now, in the film factory? To wish would be it to the young actor. A look at his Instagramprofile shows: Jansen is a fun-loving, likable and handsome young man. At first glance, Hayden and he look nothing alike: unlike his blond sister, he has a brown head of curls.

The two links seem to have a close sibling love: on The "day of the brothers and sisters," the on 10. April is celebrated in the United States actually"," she posted he is a sweet children's photo with Hayden.

Sibling love

"We love to hate them, but we can't imagine to live without them. You know our Strengths and weaknesses and are usually our best friends."

Hayden Panettiere is sure to be mighty proud of your little brother and him in his attempts in Hollywood foothold with advice and act to the side. With 21 years of age, also all the doors are open to him, even if it doesn't work at the first attempt, the second. We would be happy to see even more of the latest Panettiere.

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