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Now Their Darkest Secrets Out?

Oh my! Must musician Jennifer Lopez now fear for their reputation? Your Ex seeks, apparently, to revenge

Poor Jennifer Lopez! The 47-year-old musician ("Play"), it is currently really easy.

Jennifer Lopez, Ojani Noa, seeks revenge

With Ojani Noa, 42, was J. Lo married in 1997 and 1998, and the Cubans made Negative headlines when he threatened the pop star to release a sex tape. However, not only compromising private video, a tell-all book should scratch the Image of the singer and the cash from her Ex-husband neat ring. Noah's business partner Ed Meyer of the American, "In Touch told" at least, that the recordings "will be a shock to their Fans". Anyway, there are a lot of Intimate, what he wanted to share with the Public. There's a lot of room for speculation - hiding J. Lo something Bad, of course, remains?

Renewed Trouble for J. Lo: her Ex grabs

Until now, the lawyers of the Superstars were able to prevent such publications, however, informed Ojani Noa is now in the TV against the artist. In a preview of the American Reality television series "Millionaire Matchmaker", in which you accompanied the everyday work of a owner of a Dating service in Beverly Hills, Ojani Noa. "She was my first love and it was my first wedding," said Noa to the Agency boss, Patti Stanger of his famous Ex.

Jennifer Lopez: career before love

Even otherwise, the Lopez-Ex represents himself as a victim. "I was looking forward to be together for the Rest of my life with her. This is not happening. You made the decision to choose your Job instead of me." After the divorce, did your career actually steep uphill their separation "destroyed" Noa according to Reports. "My heart was really broken. I was very hurt, it all hurt me very much."
For Jennifer Lopez, we hope that the injured Pride and Ojani Noah's broken heart, that he will actually publish their darkest secrets and spicy Videos.

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