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Sunglasses: The Sun Guide For Every Face

Beauty Tip: Taylor SwiftSun stylish accessories that are a must, especially in the summer in any handbag glasses. But: Not every pair of glasses shape every one, and not every model suits your type. Thus, the fashionable " It " Piece is perfectly tailored to your Look, you should note when selecting a couple of things. GALA tells you which are the...

There goes the sun: What are the sunglasses is the Right one?

The first rays of sun come out and it happens, what will happen: All of the dig out your sunglasses out of the bag and just waiting for the summer finally begins. However, every season the same questions: are announced Which models, and which sunglasses suit me? We have the answers to all your questions.

Which model for whom?

The bad news first: On the question of all questions, there is unfortunately no clear answer. Because whether it's a pair of sunglasses that suits you, not only depends on your face shape but also your clothing style and color types. These are the three things you should consider when buying always, hence nothing can go wrong.

You Determine Your Face Shape

Anne Hathaway advertises for sunglassesDepending on the shape of your face, the different frames are different is advantageous. There are round, square, oval, heart-shaped and trapezium-shaped faces. Which of your Form is, you will find out the fastest, by you in front of a mirror, place the hair back and your face. The visible contours of your face determine the shape of the head.

Sunglasses for every shape

heart-shaped face is made for of Retro sunglasses, such as rectangular models, or Cat-Eye variations. Best to choose a model that is pointed in the direction of the outer corners a little. The laminated a distinctive chin.
An angular face with striking cheekbones and a strong chin is perfectly set by a round or a pair of Aviator sunglasses in the scene. Models in oversized Look to fit perfectly. Less flattering for this shape of the head too many Details and embellishments on the temples.

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