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3 Tips On How You Combined Plaid Pattern Correctly With Each Other

the classy factory Look, plaid coat, plaid scarf, karietes T-Shirt
Is plaid in this Look for almost everything. The diamonds can be combined patterns of all of the prima. Why I feel this way? In my opinion, it plays a big role, what are the characteristics of the plaid parts. They are colorful, different patterns or wild, may look like the combination of plaid patterns ruck zuck a lot more to the Clown than to the casual Look - and who wants that, except the Clown of course :)...

Plaid coat with plaid blouse

and a plaid scarf Outfit

the stainless factory, Look, how to combine plaid pattern

Tip 1: pay attention to the colors of different patterns

The checkered coat in grey, Black and White is, despite its really eye-catching plaid pattern, very subtle. The plaid pattern is large, but the color scheme is absolutely inconspicuous. The checkered pattern is clearly visible in the overall Look of the plaid coat looks rather grey.

He tolerates the colorful, checkered scarf in any case. Based on the checkered scarves, in addition to a lot of Red and a little Yellow in the pattern, also in Black, grey and White. Checkered Harmony :). The third Element, the plaid Shirt, the white blouse and the plaid T -. This is mainly bright, but with checkered eye-catching red, loop, Print on the chest. Color harmonizes great.

the classy factory Look, 3 tips how you combined plaid pattern correctly
the classy factory Look, small bag with Animal Print

Tip 2. A small! Pattern break provides voltage

If pattern is correct :). And a bit of animal print hasn't ever hurt any Look. The small shoulder bag as a pattern break had to be easy. Also in this Look I did with the Patterns played, as is the case with the diamonds was the color harmony of the key.

the classy factory Look, black biker pants, faux leather

Tip 3. Concern for a calm Pole in the Look

A calm Pole in the clash of patterns is important. On my legs that happened, in contrast to "Topless" for almost nothing. A simple, black biker pants, and black Platform Boots for the necessary rest in the Look. There must be a pattern limit :). My point is, I think, pretty widely :D, but my shoes or my pants would be patterned now, that would be the track too much.

the stainless factory, Look, long knit vest
In addition to the plaid coat, plaid scarf, plaid T-Shirt plus the biker pants and the platform boots I've integrated a simple, light gray sweater vest to the Outfit. This had very practical reasons. It should be me hot in the plaid coat, I wanted to still have to keep something long underneath the layered look. Only T-Shirt and pants had me like because of my hips, so good.

the classy factory Look, Armcandy

When it comes to jewellery, I'm just in the Fundus, and very different materials are combined - the Togetherness and the harmony of the colors.

the stainless factory Look that rings in Detail
I think this Look can be seen quite well, also eye-catching patterns combine. You have to mix just right. Too many different colors, for my taste, out of place here. In this Look, the colors to play but the balls and the Whole thing is a round. Another example of a plaid pattern mix Outfit can be found here.

the classy factory Look, 3 tips kidney as I plaid right combination
Info: coat: Primark / biker pants, platform Boots, long knit vest: H&M / Shirt: Zara / jewelry: Fundus

A wild pattern mix was something in it for you, or let her kind of prefer the Finger?

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